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 Custom Design 


   made to your size and style.......

   Over 20 years ago, Tina Smithey started off with the singular aim of providing custom-made, high quality, beautiful fur and leather clothing at an affordable price. Today, she offers international fashion design in fur and leather making custom clothing and custom  made home decor, like pillows, bedding and much more. She offers custom leather clothes, like Leather Pants that fit like your favorite jeans, vests or leather jackets for motorcycle rider. She is also offering restoration and redesign of existing fur and leather clothing. Her custom design business, originated in Europe is now headquartered in the Dallas area, where she designs and creates her "custom made" garments for individual clients. Most of her couture garments are made to order for an individual customer, and are all made from high-quality, expensive materials, such as fabric, fur and leather. Everything is sewn with extreme attention to  detail and finish, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Look and fit take priority over the cost of materials and the  time it takes to make. While her creations are made in the USA, here materials come from some of the finest places in Europe, where she handpicks most of her leathers and hides. Nearly all of her clothes are made specifically for an individual, as in the case of  "haute couture", but she also offers a ready-to-wear line at her showroom or at fashion shows. Creative time for creations made from       scratch may vary between one and three months, some specific designs can require up to five months. 

 Fur Restyle 


   Fur coats, mink coats, leather jackets and more.......

   Fur garments have the potential to be transformed into a lot of things. Update, recycle and revamp that old fur coat into a fashionable,    up-to-date design. Mink is one of the most popular fur coat for recycling, restoration and redesign of existing fur and leather                   clothing, it can be sheared to a short plush and/or dyed. If the coat is oversized or to small, it can be taken apart and tailor fitted.            As a natural material, fur and leather allows your body to breathe and at the same time it is keeping you comfortable and cozy. You        can also re-purpose a fur coat into something entirely different, such as a handbag, scarf, pillows or other fur accessories. Or for              example restyle your inherited fur jacket into a fur vest and use your leftovers for  a matching purse or scarf. And last but not least,        remodeling a coat isn't a quick job. Please plan ahead and get your project done during  spring/summer, to assure your furrier                doesn't have to rush through the job and can deliver a high quality product, just in time for the  winter.



   Design to live, stage to sell.......

   For most people, a home is their largest purchase and biggest asset. It's hard for them to imagine living in a new home, while walking      through an empty house. Professional staging helps their imagination and inspires them, they become excited about a property. At the    end of the day, they will remember the house which was well prepared and nicely staged, instead of the bland and boring                        environments. That's why we say the secret to sell a house faster and for more money is in staging. Like in the area off Dallas Staging 

   is cheaper then your first price reduction.

   Home staging is a matter of style and flair. Your professional home stager helps you to make the right choices. Styling homes weather    for selling or living includes a variety of services, like consultations, redesign, furniture renting, little repairs, de-clutter, working with      existing furniture, create focal points and so on. We offer services for every budget and type of client. We can prepare a plan for you

   or manage the entire process. With over a decade of experience serving clients with fashion design, home decor and staging needs,        Tina Smithey is able to make even the most challenging projects fun and enjoyable.

   De-clutter and organize your home, means to live life in an easier way, with less around you. Many homeowners seek the uncluttered      and beautiful look of a well-designed staging for their own space. We offer custom made pillows, bedding, curtains and more to give        your house the style you would like to accomplish. 


Remodeling and Home Design